Answering Questions and Citing Your Sources -- Challenge Deadline: Oct 29!

Yingshan Chang Yonatan Bisk Mridu Narang Jared Fernandez
Levi Melnick Guihong Cao Hisami Suzuki Jianfeng Gao

WebQA, is a new benchmark for multimodal multihop reasoning in which systems are presented with the same style of data as humans when searching the web: Snippets and Images. The system must then identify which information is relevant across modalities and combine it with reasoning to answer the query. Systems will be evaluated on both the correctness of their answers and their sources.

Task Formulation: Given a question Q, and a list of sources S = {s1, s2, ...}, a system must a) identify the sources from which to derive the answer, and b) generate an answer as a complete sentence. Note, each source s can be either a snippet or an image with a caption. A caption is necessary to accompany an image because object names or geographic information are not usually written on the image itself, but they serve as critical links between entities mentioned in the question and the visual entities.

Evaluation: Source retrieval will be evaluted by F1. The answer quality will be measured by Fluency (BARTScore) and Accuracy (keywords overlap).

Competition Info: To be included in the Neurips2021 Competition write-up, authors must provide a short explanation (~1 page) of what they did and what insights they discovered by Oct 29, 2021. Github links, if provided, will also be included in the Competition write-up for others to make extensions and look for improvements. Please subscribe to our mailing list!

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